Minor in Chemistry

Requirements (56-61 units)

Requirements for a minor in Chemistry

CHEM 215General Chemistry I: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding6
CHEM 216General Chemistry II: Principles of Chemical Reactions6
A minimum of twelve units, choose Group A or B below:12-15
Group A:
Organic Chemistry I Lecture
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Organic Chemistry II Lecture
Organic Chemistry II Lab
Organic Chemistry III Lecture
Organic Chemistry III Lab
Group B:
Principles of Organic Chemistry I
Principles of Organic Chemistry II
Principles of Organic Chemistry III
CHEM 345Modern Quantitative Analysis5
MATH 192Methods of Calculus4
or MATH 212 Calculus II
One year of introductory physics. CSUSB physics sequences that satisfy this requirement are:13-15
Sequence A:
Basic Concepts of Physics I
Basic Concepts of Physics II
Basic Concepts of Physics III
Sequence B:
General Physics I
General Physics II
General Physics III
Ten additional upper-division units in chemistry. The following courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement: CHEM 301, CHEM 590A, CHEM 590B, or CHEM 597.10
Total Units56-61