Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Requirements (132 units)

Total units required for graduation: 187

Students in this degree program do not need to take courses in the General Education categories A4 Critical Thinking and D4 Discipline Perspectives

Requirements for the B.S. in Computer Engineering (Program Code: COEN)

Lower-division requirements (54)
CSE 201Computer Science I4
CSE 202Computer Science II4
CSE 208Introduction to Computer Engineering Design2
MATH 211Basic Concepts of Calculus4
MATH 212Calculus II4
MATH 213Calculus III4
MATH 251Multivariable Calculus I4
MATH 262Applied Statistics4
MATH 272Discrete Mathematics4
PHYS 150Introductory Electronics5
PHYS 221General Physics I5
PHYS 222General Physics II5
PHYS 223General Physics III5
Upper-division requirements (66)
CSE 308Computer Engineering Design4
CSE 310Digital Logic5
CSE 311Advanced Digital Design4
CSE 313Machine Organization4
CSE 330Data Structures4
CSE 335Signals and Systems4
CSE 401Contemporary Computer Architecture5
CSE 403Circuit Design and Analysis4
CSE 408Sustainable Engineering Design4
CSE 456Embedded Systems4
CSE 460Operating Systems4
CSE 521Field Programmable Gate Array Design4
CSE 535Numerical Computation4
CSE 541Robotics and Control4
MATH 331Linear Algebra4
PHYS 350Data Acquisition and Control4
Electives (12)
Take three courses for a total of twelve units from the following:12
Algorithm Analysis
Software Engineering
Advanced Operating Systems
Any CSE course numbered 500 and above
Advanced Electronics
Total Units132