Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

Requirements (66 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Requirements for the B.A. in Anthropology (Program Code: ANTH)

ANTH 100Introduction to Anthropology: Human Evolution4
ANTH 102Introduction to Anthropology: Culture and Society4
ANTH 200Biological Anthropology Laboratory1
ANTH 301Anthropological Theory4
ANTH 500Senior Seminar in Anthropology4
Eight units chosen from:8
African Archaeology
Prehistory of the Middle East and Europe
North American Prehistory
Aztecs, Maya and their Predecessors
Incas and their Predecessors
Historical Archaeology
Historical Archaeology
Archaeology of California
Archaeology of the Southwest
Pre-Columbian Art
Pre-Columbian Art
Ancient Egyptian Archaeology
Biological Anthropology
Eight units chosen from:8
Human Biological Variance and the Concept of Race
Human Origins
Primate Evolution and Ecology
Forensic Anthropology and Crime
Socio-cultural Anthropology
Twelve units chosen from:12
Native North American Art
Native North American Art
Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Anthropology and Film
Anthropology of Health, Illness and Healing
Globalization and Culture
Environmental Anthropology
Magic, Religion and Science
Applied Anthropology and Social Policy
Urban Anthropology
Indigenous Politics
Humans, Animals, and Nature
Linguistic Anthropology
Four units chosen from:4
Gender and Language
California Indian Linguistic Anthropology
Language and Culture
Laboratory Analysis
Five units chosen from:5
Community Engaged Research Methods
Experimental Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology
Archaeological Survey and Excavation
Archaeological Laboratory Analysis
Human Osteology and Functional Anatomy
Anthropology Culture Areas
Eight units chosen from:8
Indians of North America
Indians of the Southwest
Cultures of Mexico and Central America
Cultures of South America
African Societies
Peoples of the Middle East
Asian Cultures and Societies
Asian American Cultures
Advanced Theory
Four units chosen from:4
Archaeological Theory and Method
Late Pleistocene Human Evolution
Human Rights, Violence & Cult
Egyptian Mining Expeditions, Their Buildings, and Their Slaves
Colonial and Postcolonial Anthropology
Total Units66