Minor in Environmental Studies

Requirements (34 units)

Requirements for a minor in Environmental Studies

Lower-division requirements (14)
Five units chosen from:5
Topics in Biology
Biology of Populations
Health and Society: An Ecological Approach
Five units chosen from:5
Physical Geography
Introductory Geology
GEOG 201Map Interpretation4
Upper-division requirements (8)
GEOG 350Conservation and Natural Resources4
Four units chosen from:4
Economics of the Environment
Environmental Health Management
Electives (12)
A minimum of 12 units chosen from the following courses. In consultation with the environmental studies coordinator, a student can choose other courses, besides those listed below, to meet the elective requirement.12
Biology of Ecosystems
Economics of the Environment
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Cartography
Geographic Statistics and Research Methods
Weather and Climate
Climate Change
Landscape Analysis
Hydrology and Water Resources
Geology of California
Groundwater Hydrology
Principles of Environmental Health
Advanced Environmental Health
Environmental Health Management
Total Units34