Minor in History

Requirements (32 units)

Requirements for a minor in History

Requirements for a minor in history include 32 units, of which 24 units must be upper-division, to include 12 units as follows:

United States history (4)
Four units chosen from:4
Historical Archaeology
Historical Archaeology
African-American History, 1620-1865
African-American History, 1865-Present
Women in U.S. History, 1620-1865
Women in U.S. History, 1865-Present
Women in the Black Freedom Movement
The American Colonies, 1607-1783
The Evolution of American Democracy, 1783-1840
Civil War and Reconstruction
The United States, 1877-1917
The United States, 1917-1945
United States in World War II
United States History, Cold War Era
American History Through Film
Chicano History
Topics in History
Topics in History
20th Century Americans
Constitutional History of the United States
Foreign Relations of the United States
History of the American West
Immigration and Ethnic American History
European history (4)
Four units chosen from:4
Ancient and Medieval Europe
Early Modern Europe, the Renaissance to 1815
Modern Europe, 1815 to the Present
History of Ancient Greece
History of Rome
Early Medieval Europe
High Medieval Europe
Renaissance and Reformation
The Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment
Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
European Intellectual History
Twentieth Century Europe
History of Christianity I
History of Christianity II
Tudor and Stuart England
Britain, 1688-1901
Europe Since 1945
Studies in European National History
Nonwestern history (4)
Four units chosen from:4
Classical Islamic Civilization
Modern Middle East
Africa to 1500
Africa 1500 to 1870
Africa 1870 to Present
The Rise, Decline and Legacy of Apartheid South Africa
History of Modern Mexico
Ancient and Early Imperial China
Medieval China
Modern China II, 1911-1949
Modern China III, 1949-Present
World War II in the Pacific
Modern Japanese History
History of Southern Africa
The History of Health and Medicine in Africa
Modern Central America
Foreign Relations of Latin America
Latin American History Through Film
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Electives (20)
Twenty units of history courses, of which 12 units must be upper- division.20
Total Units32