Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Requirements (68 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Requirements for the B.A. in Political Science (Program Code: PSCI)

PSCI 203American Government4
PSCI 204International Relations4
PSCI 314American Political Thought4
American government and politics. Eight units chosen from:8
The Legislative Process
Political Parties and Interest Groups
State and Local Politics
The American Presidency
Formulation of Public Policy
Comparative government. Eight units chosen from:8
Western Political Systems
African Politics
East European Political Systems
East Asian Politics
Latin American Politics
Government and Politics of the Middle East
International relations. Eight units chosen from:8
American Foreign Policy
International Politics
National Security Policy
International Law
International Organization
Political theory. Eight units chosen from:8
Classical Political Thought
Foundations of Modern Political Thought
Modern Political Thought
Post Modern Political Thought
War and Politics
Public law. Eight units chosen from:8
Judicial Process
American Constitutional Law
The Bill of Rights
Civil Rights
Constitutional Interpretation
Sixteen additional units of electives in upper-division course work in political science, eight of which must be chosen from:16
Studies in Political Theory
Seminar in Constitutional Law
Seminar in Comparative Politics
Seminar in International Relations
Seminar in Government
Total Units68

Note: The following will count as electives only after approval by the department chair: PSCI 575B-E, PSCI 595B-E

With approval of the department chair, up to eight units in related fields may be counted toward the upper-division course requirement in political science