Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Requirements (74 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

The School of Social Work offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. This degree prepares baccalaureate students for generalist social work practice and equips them to work in agency settings with individuals, families, groups and communities who are encountering problems related to personal or social circumstance. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, the national accrediting body for social work programs. The program is intensive and exciting and applies to a wide variety of social work client populations.

Students must apply to the School of Social Work for admission into the B.A. in Social Work.

Admission Requirements

  1. Completion of application packet including personal statement of commitment to the social work profession, two references, and transcripts; (Contact the School of Social Work for more information.)
  2. Completion of all lower division General Education and additional lower division requirements;
  3. An overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher
  4. Completion of additional lower division requirements with a grade of "C" or better.

General Education requirements to enter the B.A. in Social Work

Basic Skills in Written Communication (A1) (4)
One of the following:4
Stretch Composition III
Stretch Composition III for Multilingual Students
Accelerated Stretch Composition II
Accelerated Stretch Composition II for Multilingual Students
Advanced First-Year Composition
Basic Skills in Oral Communication (A2) (4)
COMM 120Oral Communication4
Basic Skills in Mathematics (A3) (4)
One of the following:4
College Algebra
The Ideas of Mathematics
Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Methods of Calculus
Basic Concepts of Calculus
Basic Skills in Critical Thinking (A4) (4)
PSYC 105Critical Thinking Through Problems Analysis4
or SOC 180 Critical Thinking about Social Problems
Natural Sciences Breadth Area (B2) (5)
BIOL 100Topics in Biology5
Humanities Breadth Area (C3) (4)
SPAN 103College Spanish III4
Social and Behavioral Sciences Breadth Area (D4) (8)
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology4
SOC 100The Study of Society4
Additional Lower Division Requirements to enter the B.A. in Social Work (12-13)
SW 200Introduction to Social Work4
One of the following:4-5
Statistics for Economists
Psychological Statistics
Applied Business Statistics
CJUS 101Introduction to the Criminal Justice System4

School Regulations

Students must attain grades of "C" or better in all courses required for the major from the department in order to progress in the program.

Requirements for the B.A. in Social Work (Program Code: BASW)

Upper-division requirements (66)
Four units chosen from the following (which also meets the Multicultural/Gender Requirement (G1)4
Perspectives on Gender
Perspectives on Gender
Race and Racism
Perspectives on Gender
Roots of Modern Racism in America
PSYC 390Abnormal Psychology4
or PSYC 391 Psychopathology of Childhood
Four units chosen from:4
Psychology of Social Behavior
Social Psychology
PSCI 380Introduction to Public Administration4
or PA 380 Introduction to Public Administration
SW 300ASocial Welfare Policy I4
SW 300BSocial Welfare Policy II4
SW 301Social Work Research6
SW 302AHuman Behavior and the Social Environment I4
SW 302BHuman Behavior and the Social Environment II4
Four units chosen from:4
Child Welfare Services
Social Work Interventions in Substance Abuse
Special Topics
SW 400ASocial Work Practice I4
SW 400BSocial Work Practice II4
SW 400CSocial Work Practice III4
SW 401AField Work4
SW 401BField Work4
SW 401CField Work4
Discipline requirements (8)
Courses taken to satisfy upper-division requirements cannot count toward the eight units for the discipline requirement.
Eight units in one of the following disciplines8
Total Units74

Criminal Justice 

CJUS 354Victimology4
CJUS 370Law and the Courts4
CJUS 460Alcohol, Drugs, and the Criminal Justice System4
CJUS 462Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System4
CJUS 465Hate Crime and Law Policy4


ECON 333Political Economy of Women4
ECON 352Political Economy of Poverty and Discrimination4
ECON 445Political Economy4
ECON 520Social Economics4

Human Development 

HD 205Diversity in Child Development4
HD 324Developmental Psychobiology4
HD 372Psychology of Death and Dying4

Political Science 

PSCI 330State and Local Politics4
PSCI 528Formulation of Public Policy4


PSYC 303Parenting and Family Relations4
PSYC 320Psychology of Middle Childhood4
PSYC 328Psychology of Adolescent Development4
PSYC 329Psychology of Adulthood and Aging4
PSYC 351Behavior Modification: Principles and Applications4
PSYC 386Introduction to Psychotherapy4
PSYC 387Community Psychology4


SOC 340Sociology of the Family4
SOC 343Sociology of Family Violence4
SOC 410Sociology of Race and Ethnicity4
SOC 440Social Class4
SOC 442Chicano Social Stratification4