Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Requirements (62 units)

Total units required for graduation: 180

Requirements for the B.A. in Sociology (Program Code: SOCG)

SOC 100The Study of Society4
SOC 301Qualitative Research4
SOC 307Social Research I5
SOC 309Social Research II5
SOC 311Sociological Theory4
SOC 590Seminar in Sociology (or any 500-level or higher SOC course except for SOC 595 Independent Study)4
Thirty-six additional units in sociology, 32 of which must be upper-division. Students must choose at least two courses from each of the concentrations listed below. Credit for a course may be granted for only one category.36
Total Units62

Social Inequality 

SOC 336Black Women and Feminism4
SOC 341Marriage and Family Among Blacks4
SOC 342The Chicano Family4
SOC 343Sociology of Family Violence4
SOC 410Sociology of Race and Ethnicity4
SOC 418Sociology of Social Welfare4
SOC 425Asian Americans: Origin and Ethnicity4
SOC 430Urban Sociology4
SOC 440Social Class4
SOC 441Black Social Stratification4
SOC 442Chicano Social Stratification4
SOC 444Sociology of Gender4
SOC 445Latino Health4
SOC 525Indian Nations and Native America4

Social Control 

SOC 343Sociology of Family Violence4
SOC 350Criminology4
SOC 352Juvenile Offender4
SOC 354Deviant Behavior4
SOC 356Sociology of Mental Illness4
SOC 432Political Sociology4
SOC 450White Collar Crime4
SOC 484Social Casework4

Community, Institutions and Social Processes 

SOC 330Social Gerontology4
SOC 339Socialization4
SOC 340Sociology of the Family4
SOC 341Marriage and Family Among Blacks4
SOC 342The Chicano Family4
SOC 355Medical Sociology4
SOC 360Social Psychology4
SOC 363Sociology of Mass Communication4
SOC 380Sociology of Religion4
SOC 418Sociology of Social Welfare4
SOC 430Urban Sociology4
SOC 432Political Sociology4
SOC 434Community Organization4
SOC 436Group Dynamics4
SOC 540Sociology of Education4

The sociology major calls for following a sequence through the required core courses of the discipline. After taking the introductory course, students should complete SOC 301, to be followed by the methods courses (SOC 307 and SOC 309) and theory (SOC 311). SOC 590 is intended as a capstone experience and should be taken at the end of one's college career. In addition to these core courses, 36 units of electives complete the major requirements. To insure a broad understanding of the major research areas in the discipline of Sociology, students must take at least two courses from each of the concentrations listed above.

Beyond meeting this breadth requirement in elective courses, concentrating in the areas above provides a deeper understanding of the subarea, preparing the way for further research at the undergraduate or graduate level or for working in a related occupation after graduating. In addition to these concentrations, students are encouraged to develop, in consultation with their departmental advisor, a program of elective courses that is relevant to their future plans.