Minor in Film Studies

Requirements (28-32 units)

Requirements for a minor in Film Studies

Lower-division requirements (4-5)
Four or five units chosen from:4-5
Beginning Analog Photography
Introduction to TV and Video Production
World Drama
The Art of Film
World Drama
Upper-division requirements (24-27)
Eight units chosen from:8
Visual Communication
The Development of Motion Pictures
Studies in a Literary Genre (when the topic is Film and Literature)
Four units chosen from:4
Contemporary Cinema and Society
Film Analysis
Film and New Media
Twelve to 15 units chosen from either or both of these two categories:12-15
Film and New Media Theory and Criticism:
Media History and Institutions
Media and Culture
The Development of Motion Pictures
Asian Media and Culture
History and Development of Documentary
Analysis and Writing of Drama
Analysis and Writing of Drama
Advanced Studies in Literary Topics
Francophone Film and Culture
Survey of Classical and Contemporary Hispanic Films:
The Camera Eye
Ethnic Films and Film Makers
New Media Production:
Interactive Multimedia Design
Animation and Web Motion-Graphics
Video Art
Advanced TV and Video Production
TV and Video Field Production
Fundamentals of Screenwriting
Analysis and Writing of Drama
Analysis and Writing of Drama
Acting for the Camera
Acting for Non-Majors
Total Units28-32